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Вашему внимание: от меня / Your attention please: a note from me[править код]

Если я написал Вам сообщение, отвечайте, пожалуйста, на Вашей же странице обсуждения, куда я и написал; я (некоторое время) буду следить за ней. Так разговор понятнее. До связи!--Imz 03:45, 20 моз 2008 (UTC)
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If I left you a message, please, answer it right there, on your discussion page, just where I wrote my message initially; I will be watching your page (for some time). This way discussions look more clear. Best regards!--Imz 03:45, 20 моз 2008 (UTC)

A welcome message[править код]

  • Welcome on kv.wikipedia! --jsk 08:40, 22 июля 2008 (UTC)

коми[править код]

  • Здравствуйте! Спасибо за участие в Коми-проекте. Вы говорите на Коми? --Yufereff 21:38, 26 июля 2008 (UTC)
Здравствуйте! Нет, говорить не могу. Знаком с языком скорее теоретически. ;) --Imz 22:29, 26 июля 2008 (UTC)

Thanks[править код]

OK, I'll try to use them (anyway I can't see them in my computer... :( but I know the problem. I made the Udmurt language article to be features article in the Hungarian wikipedia and i must use the special letters there. hu:Udmurt nyelv) --Eino81 23:55, 19 моз 2008 (UTC)

No, I don't think I would have those fonts. I triet to change the Unicode-setting, but it did not work. Once we tried to see a special Chinese character-set, so we downloaded a set and we could see. If you have any specialy Cyrillic font set, just write me, where can I download it, mayve it will work. In Hungary we had an own Udmurt Cyrillic font set, which was made by a phonologic teacher of the unicersity, but it was very specific to use in other ways. Thank you for the help in the Udmurt nyelv-article.

Are you Komi, or why are you working on the Komi Wikipedia. Or are you Russian? It's not problem. I really love those territories. Once I was in Udmurtia, that was a fantastic month in 2003. On my hungarian main page you can see an Udmurt newspaper article about our visit :) --Eino81 06:57, 20 моз 2008 (UTC)

I found a good page on the Komi WP for features articles: Википедия: Бур гижöдъас (I know, ö is not good here). As I see, on the other WP, like the Udmurt one, this categody does not exist :) --Eino81 07:11, 20 моз 2008 (UTC)

Я и Удмуртия[править код]

I studied Udmurt language at the University of Szeged, here in Hungary, and we had the possibility to travel there for a summer course. That was in 2003. We studied at the Udmurt State University for 3 weeks, in every weekend we spent the time in villages, without teachers, there I always tried to speak in Udmurt. And on the last week, on the fourth, we stayed there to see tge country, so we traveled to Votkinsk, to Sarapul, Ar-Sergi, the famous writer was our guide. In our group we were four Hungarians from Szeged, and there were two others from Budapest, two from Estonia and one from finland, but only we four stayed there, the article was created that time. I studied Udmurt after it still three years. I finished the normal university two years ago, and I did not use the Udmurt, zntill last month, when I started to work on the Hungarian Wikipedia page. Now I'm a PhD-student, but my main langauge is not the Udmurt, it is the Saami (саамский язык), which is also a Finno-Ugrian language. As you can see, я говорю очень чут-чут по-пусски :) --Eino81 03:51, 21 моз 2008 (UTC)

Спасибо!!!!!! I see all the Udmurt letter with those free letters!! :) --Eino81 03:58, 21 моз 2008 (UTC)

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