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Hi![править код]

Welcome! I wish you a fruitful work here!

Do you have the possibility to use the Cyrillic letters ӧ and і? (For more on this issue see Wikipedia:Портал сообщества#кириллическое ӧ! / Cyrillic ӧ!.) Please try to use the Cyrillic letters when writing Komi (or Udmurt)!

Best regards!--Imz 23:27, 19 моз 2008 (UTC)

You wrote:
OK, I'll try to use them (anyway I can't see them in my computer... :(.
Perhaps, we can together try to figure out what your problem is and how your computer should be tuned to make the special Cyrillic characters work on it?
So, the first question: do you have any fonts installed which have glyphs at the positions U+04E6, U+04E7 (for ӧ) and U+0406, U+0456 (for і)?
  • If yes, then something should be tuned in your OS+browser.
  • If no, I'll point you to some fonts which you can download and use and which have these characters.--Imz 03:40, 20 моз 2008 (UTC)
You wrote: No, I don't think I would have those fonts.
Ok, I listed the suitable fonts that I found on my system here: Wikipedia:Портал сообщества#некоторые подходящие шрифты; the list might be too big to try everything, so I think that the Free* family is a reasonable choice to try first: freefont-20080323.zip. Please tell whether after adding the fonts, you can see the special letters in you browser.--Imz 20:46, 20 моз 2008 (UTC)
You wrote: I see all the Udmurt letter with those free letters!! :).
I'm glad to hear that! And what about Komi? If you see the Udmurt letters, do you see ӧ, whcih is also a letter of the Komi alphabet?--Imz 18:48, 22 моз 2008 (UTC)
By the way, in hu:Udmurt nyelv, there are still the wrong characters instead of ӧ (e.g., Latin Ö ö in hu:Udmurt nyelv#Ábécé). I'll change these ones, but there may be more left in the article.--Imz 03:40, 20 моз 2008 (UTC)

You wrote: Are you Komi, or why are you working on the Komi Wikipedia. Or are you Russian?

I'm Russian, but I have been interested in the grammar of Komi.--Imz 20:48, 20 моз 2008 (UTC)

You wrote: Once I was in Udmurtia, that was a fantastic month in 2003. On my hungarian main page you can see an Udmurt newspaper article about our visit :)

Thanks for giving the link! That's interesting. Was that a group of Hungarians? What did you do there? Did you speak Udmurt with the local people?--Imz 20:52, 20 моз 2008 (UTC)
Thank for telling about your stay in Udmurtia, that's interesting!--Imz 18:48, 22 моз 2008 (UTC)